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About Artisan Crafts / Hobbyist Laura Maymó Grau17/Female/Spain Groups :iconmane6-g1-mlp: Mane6-G1-MLP
The original Mane 6.
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If there's something that I really love to do in this website besides stay here with my friends is collect and favourite art! :la: I always have been liking collecting stuff that I like and I'm interested in. :D
I really enjoy collecting art and I know, I favourite a lot, but is just too many awesomeness and talent in this website and I have many joy doing that. :dummy: There's too many big artists that do wonders and splendid jobs. :D All of them deserve a favourite of mine, specially if comes a theme that I know and I'm into it. :D

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Applejack-1982's Profile Picture
Laura Maymó Grau
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hi I'm Laura Maymó Grau! Welcome to my profile! :w00t:
Thanks for visitin by k-nelo

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-------About me

Name: Laura
Surnames: Maymó Grau
Birthday: 18 of January
Age: 17 years old
Nationality: Spain (Catalonia region)
Town where I live: Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona)
Languages: Catalan (mainly), Spanish and English (also German technically, but I lose it)
Height: 1 meter and 84 centimetres (1,84m) or also 6' 0" (in Feet mesure)
Colour eyes: Greenish with a brown flower symbol
Colour hair: Dark brown
Astrological Zodiac sign: Capricorn Gamzee-capricorn free icon by Yuki-jeevas
Chinese Zodiac sing: Rabbit and/or Cat :meow:
Number of siblings: 1 (A sister youngest than me)
Number of cousins: 2 (They are like my big siblings for me)
Pets: Mity
Me holding my cat Mity by Applejack-1982

Apart of DA account I have an account on Gmail or on Skype. If you are a friend of mine, if you want to add me there or you want me to add you, just ask for that to me. :D I would gladly want to have you there. :aww:

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-------My representation and look on my DA account

Here in my DA account my username and icon are related to Applejack, a pony from the show My Little Pony from the 80's. She's my favourite pony character ever and I add my username and icon an honour to her and also for show my love for this pony. :aww:
She's an orange earth pony with blond hair, green eyes and have a singular feature which are her freckles, this fact makes Applejack very unique (because practically any MLP G1 pony have this mark). :D She's the classic adorable, silly, innocent, clumsy, cheerful, lovely and sympathetic Applejack. Also the biggest lover of apples, passing big part of the day in her apple orchard recollecting them. She's known because her love for apples. :heart: I represent this pony in my account and I'm known for her here. ;)
I love Applejack by Shinjuchan G1 MLP AppleJack stamp by GundamCat I Like My Username by nikkittie
As I said, my username is the name of my favourite ever. ;) The number "1982" in my username means the year that Applejack was created. ;) I don't remember if was exactly in 1982 or in 1983, but well, Applejack is from that stage, the early 80's. :D This pony have many years old, actually 34 years old, more oldest than me. :XD:
And in my icon, well, I always wear Applejack in my icon. ;) I wear many kind of Applejack icons since I'm here, but now I'll mention the most noticeable ones in me and the ones that I wear with difference, more often. :XD: One of the icons that I use more, is this one Cute hug by Applejack-1982. And is the only icon that I use until now in which Applejack appears with company in the icon. :D And the penguins character it's just Kowalski, one of my favourite characters as well, and I love see both together as friends, and well, that's why I like wear this icon a lot. :love: Also is for represent myself here that I'm a big fan of heart of MLP G1 and PoM with it and people can realize of that easier. :meow: Another icon that I wear so often is this one Applejack G1 style retrat by Applejack-1982. This one is very common and usual to see in me as well. This was my first DA icon ever, and I love this one a lot, and I sometimes like wear it again. ;) But normally when I use this draw as my icon, appears with the eyes animated. :meow: All thanks because one of my close friends :iconpokelexi: (she submit it on her old account originally aka :iconpantherafelidae:), animate me this icon as a gift, which looks like that Animated Icon For Applejack-1982 by PantheraFelidae. :aww: I love how looks my icon in animated eyes and for it I need to thanks at my dear friend for it, was just kind of her and a really nice detail in which I appreciate so much. :heart:
And with it here's all story and meaning of my username and icon here on DA. :dummy:

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-------My DA friends

Here on DA I make amazing friends! And I'm glad and proud to know all of them and they are now part of my life. :aww: :heart:
My close and bests friends here on DA are like my second family, no matter how far away they are, I can feel that they are with me. :heart:

-List of my close and best friends! :dummy:
:iconnyaasu: :iconmaria39: :iconchlobii: :iconsunsetmajka626: :iconimelodyrsb: :iconwerahatake: :iconkarolcia4: :iconpokelexi: :iconserrara: :iconboubouiagge: :iconleilush12: :iconmlpg1brony: :iconhibejime: :iconsweet-kowalski: :iconhoneykitten: :iconchocowolfah: :iconhearsegurl: :iconzalyheartlesstigress: :iconcrazybadluck: :icondonnieboyistgeil: :iconkasiapol: :iconphilito87: :iconjordytheredfox: :iconfragsey: :iconherikayela: :iconalafoss91: :iconkunyka: :iconalexiross: :iconmelonae: :iconbananatee17: :iconwvdr220dr: :iconsailorcancer01: :iconocto-nerd: :iconcrysta-lynx: :iconapplemac12: :icontienala: :iconasdavrak: :iconmlploverdash: :iconrichardw-55: :iconchataignette: :iconshinypteranodon: :iconandoanimalia: :iconsapphony: :iconsupdudes95: :iconmt-photografien:
The most awesome people that I ever could meet here on DA and Internet on general, my actual best friends, and I love them a lot with my whole heart, they means to me a lot. :meow: They are very unique and special. :aww: In general, very lovely people, supportive, caring, helpful and people whom are true friends and with whom you can trust and account for anything. :heart: People who I feel close to, I really enjoy contact with, and have many nice and joyful times. :love:
I'm so proud of them, and thanks to them my life changed to better and I develop many interests. :la:
I don't make favouritism, I love all of them equally, each one in their way. :heart: But I do of have a kind of order, and is for meeting, oldest (the first ones) to newest (whom I meet more recently) friends. ;P

-Other friends that I really appreciate! :aww:
:iconallfan12895: :icongilbert235: :iconsanjaydevean: :iconblueivyviolet: :iconsasza-ola: :icontigresadaina: :iconspiti84: :iconjocelyner: :iconjellyfishbubblez: :iconautodidacta: :iconsnoogaloo: :iconshi-m: :iconchance-the-khaotis: :iconlamape7: :iconcreaciones-jean:
Maybe I don't have a very close contact as the ones of above (that's the main reason of why aren't part of the list of above), but they are still a very likeable, nice, amicable and friendly people. :heart: They deserve be mentioned, and well, I always feel good contacting with them, it's enjoyable. :D Are good friends of mine here and I'm glad to know and meet them. :meow: I appreciate them very much as well. :aww:

-Stamps that represents my feelings and appreciation towards my friends here on DA (specially goes dedicated to my close and best ones):
Friends Appreciation (non-DA theme) by XxDiaLinnxX Awesome Friends Stamp by Toxic-Mario The Friend Stamp by Busiris I Love my Friends by chrsfaria Online friends stamp by Suyy FRIENDS STAMP by emo-city My friend stamp by Transitus I support my friends stamp by Synfull My friends support me stamp by Synfull Protected by Friends by SquallxZell-Leonhart Having a Friend Stamp by mylastel I Support...My Friends - Stamp by Zooky Friends Make Mistakes Too by mylastel Count on me by mylastel Inside and Out by mylastel Essence of Friendship Stamp by mylastel Friends stamp by Meddle689 True Friends Stamp by Mirz123 Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123 Friends are family by zaz14ispottermad Friends ARE Family: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNeko Friends Stamp by Drake1 Guy-Friends Stamp by Tri-Jean Stamp -Friends- by Zaper3095 Friendship stamp by JinZhan True friends stamp by Suyy Best Friends Can See It by mylastel Friendship... Stamp by mylastel Happy Heart by sirocco-rc The power of friendship by sirocco-rc I luv my dA friends Stamp by sirocco-rc Online friends stamp.. again by Suyy

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-------My DA family

Firstly I want to notify you of this little advice for know how this works for me: Any of my close friends can be part part of my family here. I honestly have any need towards that, I never ask to anybody for those things. But if that would make you happy, sure, I won't refuse any kind of invitation of that kind, it's OK for me after all and would made me content the fact. :D So you can ask if you are a close friend of mine. ;)

My lovely DA sisters: :iconhibejime: :iconkasiapol: And we are an awesome trio: :iconapplejack-1982: :iconhibejime: :iconkasiapol: :la: :heart:
This team consist about me and 2 of my close friends, which we are DA sisters between us. :heart: Our main PoM (Penguins of Madagascar) OC's represents us in this team, which are Moja (OC of Kasia-chanPL), Sheila (OC of Hibejime) and White Pearl (character of mine). ;)
I just feel honoured to appertain in it and be part of the team, it's just amazing and a wonderful fact. :aww:
They are my beloved DA sisters, I'm glad to have them, I joy many great times with them and have nice experiences. :la: One of the best things that could happen to me here on DA and marked to me a lot so far. :la: I love this team a lot and always leave me a smile and cheer me when I think in that. :D Nice way to feel united with some of your best friends, with it I just feel so close to them. :lol:
I like so much the fact that we do many things together because that, is just so funny and amazing. :aww:
Anniversary of the team and day that we founded the group: July 5th (2015)

-Other family members that I have on DA. They aren't so official as DAST, but I still want to mention them. ;)
My DA cousins: :iconwerahatake: :iconherikayela: :iconocto-nerd: I love them very much. :huggle: :heart:
Yes, so far all members that don't belong to DAST are cousins, I just love that kind of familiar relation since I get a really great one with my "real" cousin and become like my best friend on real life, I have just experiences to it, that's why I tend to chose this kind of familiar relation. :D But maybe if more of my friends want to joy get part of my family here on DA, I'll chose another kind of relation for vary, but if no, well, I'll have more cousins then. :dummy:

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-------My DA idols

I admire many artists and people here on DA very much! :dummy: This website is filled by many awesome people and artists! :la: I browse galleries and profiles pretty often since I like collect art that I like very much, and is one of my biggest amusements here (you can see that I tend to favourite a lot), and I tend to get impressed often. :giggle:
But overall, my main idols are mainly my friends, cos I admire their art skills very much generally, and no only for their art, also their way to express stuff, their way to be... they are always such an inspiration and admiration for me even if doesn't seems. :D
But if we come about idols that aren't friends of mine, I have those ones: :icondennyvixen: :iconleokatana: :iconcigarscigarettes: :iconsugarcup91: :iconstarbat: ... and many people more! :dummy: But those ones are my main ones, I have a huge quantity of artists that I admire but I can't add all of them cos would be so many people. :XD:
Big part of them are MLP G1 artists, and why that? :D I just discovered DA thanks at MLP (G1 and FIM), and when I was browsing this website was practically always for look pony stuff from MLP FIM and MLP G1, cos I was just a huge fan of this. :D And the artists that I mention, practically all of them are artists that I knew, follow and admire before I enter on DA and that's why I admire them in such a special way. Are MLP G1 artists, cos from FIM artists there were too many like for pay attention to few ones in such a special way, and in fact that in that stage that I liked browse DA more deeply I was a bit more into MLP G1 than FIM despiste I loved both MLP generations in that time. :P Those artists just gave me such an impact in my 13 years old and mark me that stage. ;P I have admiration from many different topics, but I don't know them so much neither and I knew about them after joy on DA and I'm not so acquainted with them, sure that you understand. :XD: But know that I admire many people more, I could make a giant list. :D
Keep begin you all awesome and keep your great work folks! :dummy: :dummy: :dummy:

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-------Family of mine or people whom I know in real life which have an account here on DA:

-My little sister: :iconcanelamoon:
Yes, she's my real life sister, and she have a DA account as well! :dummy: You can greet to her if you want for talk with her and/or know her better. :) She's an artist too, both traditional and digital, but here on DA submit specially digital art. ;) She submit quite art of Luna (character from MLP FIM), also make many art about our toys called Berta, Paula and Blaueta in FIM style (if you want to know better about the characters ask to me, or visit the profile of my sister and talk with her a bit about that), and many things more, specially MLP FIM stuff (I'm not into it, but well let you know that she's a famn of it as well, no her main interests but one of them). :D
A very annoying element but I love her. :meow: Check her, let's see if you like her. ;P She needs more love and attention. ;P

-My mum: :iconsweetposey:
My mum have an account on DA. :meow: Another artist of the home (yes, seems that we are a home of artists). ;P She make basically oil painting and watercolour pictures. :D She have a wonderful, lovely, charming and original art style, and well, if you are interested check her and take a look to her gallery. :D Let's see if you like her. :meow: And if you are interested to greet my mum, well, go ahead. ;)
Oh, also with her you can use German, Spanish, Catalan, English and also a bit of Italian too. :D

-One of my friends IRL: :iconposey13:
One of my very few real life friends between which were my old classmates on school. :giggle: She almost never is here, but well, at least she made an account for try and fun. :D You can take a look to her if you want, let's see if she catch your attention. ;)
She have same age and same name. :dummy: Well, she was one my classmate since I start the pre-school until I finish the primary school. :) She's a very nice and friendly person, very sympathetic. :aww:

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

-------Language status:

-Languages that I know and understand. :D
Catalan language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy ( BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design/ USA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design) Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp
Stamp Catalan by Tifa22 I speak Spanish by Tifa22 I speak English by Tifa22 Heart - Spain by uppuN Heart - Germany by uppuN Catalonia by TanteTabata Spain by TanteTabata Germany by TanteTabata
Here you can see my native ones, Catalan and Castilian/Spanish (I'm Catalan, and yes, I have 2 native languages, no only 1 ;)), languages in which I can understand both equally without any difference practically, so I don't mind which of the 2 languages you use when you talk to me. :D
Also I know English, language that I have been learning for myself since I'm here on DA, with it I can say, 1 year and half. I can understand and use this language practically as my native ones, only well, I need to practise more yet for arrive to the same fluency as them, so for it I don't consider myself as an expert yet, but let you know that you can use the language without problems with me. ;)
Also there's German here. :la: A language that I'm learning actually, and I'm actually a beginner in it. :XD: I would like to know it as my actual English. :meow: German language was originally my first language, ya that I'm part German (that's why I call myself as the Catalan/Spanish and German girl), but for many issues in my childhood, specially the one about school integration, my mum leave to me and my sister to use German language and passed to use the Catalan one. :P With it is how I lose my German language and why I consider actually Catalan as my first one. :XD: Yes, when I was 3 I spoke a German quite fluid for a kid of that age, but what a pity that I lose it and I forgot almost everything. :( But well, I hope recover it soon, that I have many desire for it, I just love that language. :la: :heart:

-Languages in which I just know very few random words. :XD:
Polish language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Czech language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Slovak language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Italian language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Portuguese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Influences from family (I have family from Italy, Slovakia and Brazil apart from Germany and Spain/Catalonia), friends (I do of have some friends whom know those languages) and other kind of reasons (like heard it from places that I go, ect). ;P I'm interested in big part of those languages (specially languages like Polish, Italy and Slovak), and maybe some day after learn German, I would like to know a bit more of them. :)
Please, don't use those languages with me cos I'm not able to understand the language nothing more than very few words. ^^; But if you want to teach to me anything towards any language, feel free to do that with me, ya that I love heard and learn about stuff of that kind. :D

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

-------Art Status:

Point Commissions - Friends by SweetDuke Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Please, don't ask me for request, neither for comissions! ;)
Now you know what to do before demand something to me here. :) I hope that you understand, and well, I'm a person who don't tend to do any of this things, isn't a noticeable thing in me here, and if I do, is very rarely time, and I don't think that you'll see me doing any of those things. :P And when I do that, is because I make exceptions with friends, or because something really attract to me (thing that until now didn't happen, but knowing that can probably happen). :meow:
I have many reasons for do things things. :XD: As I tend to say to people, the reasons are because time, health issues, and the fact that I have many things more for do, and if I start to do those things, just would stress me a lot, make me many prejudices, and less time for do and care for what I really want and need to. :P

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

-------Counters or stuff of that kind:

-The countdown of days that are missing for my next birthday (18 of January):
My birthday badge
If there's something that you want to know about me, is that I really love my birthday and is very special to me! :dummy: Since my childhood I tended to be pretty exited always because of that and you could see me very happy. :giggle: And when comes stuff of that kind, I'm still a kid inside, and I think that I would keep in that way for many years more. :lol:
And that's just a countdown of the quantity of days that are missing for my next birthday, yay! :dummy: I'm still young and I really like birthdays. :D Each year that I birth is like a new experience and a new start for me. :D Also I like to grow up a bit and earn some years more, cos I have less age than I appear, I'm just 16! :lol:

-People from different countries and parts of the world that visited me:
Flag Counter

Free Visitor Maps at
Get a FREE visitor map for your site!
Just a kind of counter that I put here for know what kind of people from which nationalities and parts of the world visit to me (also the number of people who did). :D It's very interesting this and nice to know. :aww: More because I'm fairly into it. :giggle:

-Crush thingie:

Get your own CrushTag!
Juts for know how many people like me, and who if it's possible. ;P Also is something that I add here for fun and because I'm kinda curious. :XD: Let's see what happens! :lol:
You can say that you like me in friendly way, don't need to be romantic precisely. :D But in case that you like me more than a friend, you can say, how no. :XD:
And if I don't get any crush, no matters, after that is just pure curiosity and I won't take this seriously. :XD:
Love Tards Love Tards Love Tards Happy Valentine's Day people! Love Tards Love Tards Love Tards 

The day of the couples and lovers.... awwwwww... I dunno, I'm just liking this day very much and I'm enjoying it despiste I'm a single girl. =P (Razz) 
Also here on Catalonia this is not very celebrated since there's the day of Sant Jordi (Catalan tradition) instead. :lol: But I want to celebrate Valentine's Day with you all here now. :dummy:
Maybe because I'm a huge lover and I like love stuff very much. Giggle  I just find it pretty and heartwarming even. :D
Also I'm a kind of persons who knows so much about love (since I was suffering from it the whole 2016) and well, maybe I find this funny and curious for that side. :lol:

I really hope you all are having a wonderful day today, specially for the ones which they have couple. :heart: Emote Cuddle Love  :heart:
I hope this day is a great change for all lovers to show their love to the person they love the most. :meow: Can show your love for your special someone, and if you like someone, and never said it, so today it's a great time and moment for do it. Come on! :dummy: 
And the ones whom are single just like me, no worries, there's no need of a couple for be happy anyways. ;P I hope you enjoy the day anyway, and well, if you are someone Interested and with desire to find love, let's wish luck to you and I hope next year you'll be able to celebrate it with someone special. ;)
Also one can receive cards in friendly way, not meaning romantically after all. :D So everyone can have the opportunity to receive anything today even if you haven't find love yet. :meow:

Pink Heart Icon La love  :love:  Pink Heart Icon  La love :love:  Pink Heart Icon  La love  :love: Pink Heart Icon La love  :love:  Pink Heart Icon  La love :love:  Pink Heart Icon  La love  :love: :love: Pink Heart Icon La love  :love:  Pink Heart Icon  La love :love:  Pink Heart Icon 
 FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon 

And now aside it, I'm back. :D 
I'm sure no one noticed of my absence or yes maybe a bit some of my friends since you haven't seen me for some days. ;P
But well, I just didn't advice it neither said nothing, I disappeared without have said nothing, that's it. :XD:
I though was unnecessary, and well, after all I did it many times already, so it's not weird in me this, so I knew you wouldn't worry. :nod:

I went away because I had to deal with many stuff on real life. And well, for handle it all properly without get stressed neither overwhelmed I needed to leave Internet life for a little while of few days. ;P
Last month, well, sure many people know how happy I was in general, specially because my birthday. But I was also very stressed by many stuff for carry and such. :faint:
So well, now it's almost all done. :nod: Yay, I'm so glad and happy for my personal progress. :la:
All seems go very well to me this 2017. :D I even start to like the number 17 very much, gives me many positive and good vibes. :) I guess it's gonna to be my favourite number after 8 and 18. :giggle:
So now I have all more sorted and organised, and more time for you all. :D
But since my little absence, again I left many stuff accumulated. -_- I have to reply, will take some days reply all at all. :P

I have to finish to clean my DA account. It's half done. :D I have only to clean my art section from people whom I watch and then arrange my favourites a bit and update my profile. :P
So probably most of the people whom I watch since a year at least, will receive a mass of favourites from my part between any of those days. Also probably I'm gonna to leave my profile empty (or almost empty) and change it kinda and specially renew my information there. :nod: So if happens that in a moment you see my page like that, don't get worried, nothing wrong happened to me. ;P

I'm doing better in all aspects practically. :la: My problems are practically gone now. :D I have been pretty happy those lasts days. :) Stressed kinda too, but content anyway, specially because despiste all effort and time I was getting suceded in it and with good results most oif the times, so... I'm payed already with it. :D

My only concern towards here on DA and Internet in general is due my lack of activity lose contact of some of my friends and some of them think I don't care of you or I'm not friend with you anymore. Cos this is not true. :hmm: I remember each one of my friends, each one in its own way and special one. Each one is different to me and also equally valuable to me. :heart:
I think in my DA friends pretty often, know you all means to me a lot, and that's true. :heart:

I want to draw, I was doing it even. :D Only if I get more space of time, I'll finish some pictures and them submit them here. :D My first draws from 2017 and my 17 years old. :la: It's time, I guess. :giggle:

And well, thanks you very much for your support always, all comment you left while I was out, and for your attention as always, it's deeply valuable to me. :thanks: :heart: :tighthug:

:PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: :PeachBlossom: 

And one thing more! :ohnoes: German on the way! Germany flag 
People, now you'll see me writing German, even if it's not a big thing yet... :D

I just want to well, demand a favour to all of my friends whom know and use German and have a good level of it or are native speakers, cos well, I was learning more and more German lately, and I'm near to reach an Intermediare level. So well, before consider I'm in an Intermediate I have to write some sentences. :P
Only way for can do it with great practise and constancy is do it with my friends and people who I can contact with said language. :nod: So will be a big help and favour to me if you do this simple help to me of all German speakers can write me in said language now besides English, I'd appreciate it a lot. :aww:
May costs me at the first, I lasts in reply, I reply short or I reply in English or maybe with both languages. :P But sure with time slowly will be easier and easier and I'll get more fluency with it and can write more complex stuff. :) I'll have help of the translator a bit. I'll try to write sentences for my own, and only have translator as a support till I don't need it anymore, not something in which I'll write the language. ;)

I'm saying this specially to: :iconpokelexi: :icondonnieboyistgeil: :iconkasiapol: :iconhibejime: :iconsweet-kowalski: :iconhearsegurl: :icontienala: :iconmt-photografien: :iconsasza-ola: :iconspiti84:
I know most of you have German as a native language, and well, you all are between my friends the ones whom I for sure know you know the language. :D
So please, now you can write me in your language. This yes, for write very long explanations and stuff, you know, say me it in English, and it's something really important too, but if no, keep writing me in said language. :)

Thanks you, and well, let's recover my mother language now soon. :la: Viele Danke für sein Hilfe! :hug: :aww: :heart:
Thanks you all people! :D :heart:
There's a person in need and needs your help!

Take a look at this:…

What a pity this situation, and well, so far only raised $10 so far, and really deserves more support in it!
If you can donate and/or spread the word, will help a lot! :heart:
Thanks for your consideration and time! :heart:
Well, now that 18 of January passed, I guess it's time to give thanks from all I've received in my birthday here on DA! :D
But the celebration is not over still! ;) (Wink)  I'm still celebrating my birthday today, for all gifts and congratulations I'm receiving still today and the family meeting I still have pendent, I'll tell. :D
So even if the day of my birthday it's over, I'm still with the birthday spirit. La la la la La la la la La la la la 

Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D :happy birthday: :happy birthday: :happy birthday: :cakerun: :cakerun: :cakerun: Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Birthday cake  icon Blower fella (Party) Blower fella (Party) Blower fella (Party)  happy DA B-day :3 happy DA B-day :3 happy DA B-day :3  fella Gift (Party) fella Gift (Party) fella Gift (Party) 

B (Alphabets)I (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) H (Alphabets) D (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)  C (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) L Alphabets (Words) E (Alphabets) B (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) I (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words)  S (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) I (Alphabets) L Alphabets (Words) L Alphabets (Words)  O Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) 

I prefer you all to gift and congratulate me at the same day. But in case that you couldn't for any reason, you accidentally forget it or didn't knew that or you still have pendent to gift something to me, know that you're still at time and when comes about gifts, there's no hurry. :nod:
Now I'm gonna to mention all people who had the kind detail to congratulate me and point out all gifts I've received. ;)
If I receive anything more after make and published this journal, no worries, if something new related to my birthday arrives, I'm gonna to add it here and update the journal. ;)


And well, now the time of the thanks. :aww:
As how I said yesterday in my previous journal, my birthday was amazing, and I'm so content and happy of how all went. Long time since don't have such an epic birthday like this one! Explode la plz 
I know, my other birthdays where amazing as well. :aww: Only this one really spotlight and I really felt touched a lot of time from part of my beloved ones both here on Internet as on real life. I felt like I was the queen, and well, that this was my day. :aww: Which is nice to feel it once in a year (everyone's have his own special day after all, which is beautiful). :aww:
Thanks to the event of Barcelona, the cake, all birthday wishes from my friends here on Internet and on real life, and then all nice gifts and details I've received, I can say that my birthday was an amazing and complete one, it's hard to it became better. Dancing la  With what happened this year, one reason more for love my birthday and once again I can mark my birthday as an awesome thing that happened to me. :aww:

Sure that most of you already realised that I'm a huge lover of my own birthday. :D I know that no everyone gives it the importance as I, but well, from it gets a remarkable and characteristic thing from myself the fact that I love my birthday very much and that means to me deeply. ;P Since my childhood I love my birthday, since they used to be between the best memories I ever had and then I always felt way too happy and exited in said day. I still drag that spirit and illusion from my childhood, that's why my love for my birthday arrived and is lasting till now. :aww:
For me it's something that really means to me, it's like the big event to me, a magical and unique day that you only live once at year. :heart:

And well, thanks you all for made my birthday even more magical. Without you all, my birthday haven't been the same, I just can't imagine it. Would be a great one, but not as happy and outstanding as how was. :meow: Every single congratulation, which for you may isn't a big thing, for me deeply meant to me a lot. :thanks: I'm so grateful to all people whom congratulate me, and well, I more or less know all who congratulate me, but from my friends I can remember all of you. :aww:
Was nice how many calls I received yesterday, and well, all friends from real life whom remembered me. :aww: Even a old friend of mine from school congratulated me and that melted my heart. :heart: But well, now let's mention the fits person who congratulated me after the 00:00 a.m. in January 18th at the Spanish time, and well, surpringly was my Slovakian cousin. X3 That's the first I received on my birthday. ;P I received many congratulations before, and well, here I start to count when the day really starts. ;P But anyway, don't misunderstand me, I appreciate your congratulations equally, for a hour before, doesn't matter. :huggle:

And oh, the gifts! :la: This is the year from all ones I'm on DA (it's my 3rd birthday here on DA), it's the one that seems that more gifts I received. :giggle: The congratulations I counted all of them (without count the ones I've received from people who I know on real life) and are around 50, 53 for be exacts. ;) But maybe if I receive something more is gonna to change, cos there was still some people congratulating me still. :D
Well, turning to the pictures, I've received a really beautiful ones, which I love with my whole heart. :heart: I thanks to everyone who did me such a detail, you know I appreciate it a lot. :aww:

And well, thanks you very much you al who have participated in my birthday for all and for make it so amazing as how it was! :aww: It will be definitely unforgettable. :aww:

 T (Alphabets) H (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) N Alphabets (Words) K Alphabets (Words) S (Alphabets)  Y (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) U (Alphabets)  V (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)  M Alphabets (Words) U (Alphabets) C (Alphabets) H (Alphabets) 

-Thanks you very much to all who congratulated me! :huggle: :heart:
:iconpokelexi: :iconmlploverdash: :iconmaria-schreuders: :iconkunyka: :iconihsans-art: :iconspiti84: :iconmirakor: :iconblueivyviolet: :iconsylverface: :iconwerahatake: :iconsupdudes95: :iconthatonesmurfx103-9: :iconboubouiagge: :icontienala: :iconeagc7: :iconbananatee17: :iconkmygraphic: :iconhoneykitten: :iconshazbaz579: :iconjjjmadness: :iconcrazybadluck: :iconsanjaydevean: :iconjasperinity: :iconphilito87: :iconmt-photografien: :iconzalyheartlesstigress: :iconmanga124: :iconhibejime: :iconimelodyrsb: :iconhisbestfantasyeverxd: :iconshi-m: :iconlucilaleyla: :iconbubblesweet: :icongriggs305: :iconcreaciones-jean: :iconhearsegurl: :iconcarl-88: :icongilbert235: :iconvesnara-14: :iconsweet-kowalski: :iconlamape7: :iconcrysta-lynx: :iconautodidacta: :iconrichardw-55: :iconasdavrak: :iconshinypteranodon: :iconajm-fairytail: :iconsunsetmajka626: :iconherikayela: :iconandoanimalia: :iconserrara: :iconchocowolfah: :iconchataignette: :iconpikarainbow71: :iconkarolcia4: :iconmlpg1brony: :iconwvdr220dr: :iconmaria39:

Also as always, I've received congratulations from the :iconbirthdays: team. :D

-Here's all wonderful and amazing gifts I've received from my beloved ones here on DA! :la: :heart:

Kowalski disco mood by philito87 by :iconphilito87:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Martinka and Laura!!! by ShinyPteranodon by :iconshinypteranodon: (I share this gift along with this girl :icontunder2510: in the picture :P)
Birthday Gift januari by Maria-Schreuders by :iconmaria-schreuders: (dedicated to all people who have birthday on January, which includes me and she sent me it)
Happy Birthday Applejack-1982! :D by PokeLexi by :iconpokelexi: (now you know from where I got the animation of my icon ;))
Happy Birthday Laura by BlueIvyViolet by :iconblueivyviolet:
Laura (birthday gift) :3 by WeraHatake by :iconwerahatake:
Happy Birthday, Laura! by SunsetMajka626 by :iconsunsetmajka626:
Happy Birthday Laura! :D by Herikayelaby :iconherikayela:
Birthday gift: Doris by Crysta-Lynx by :iconcrysta-lynx:
unicornio-azul-para-Laura by Creaciones-Jean by :iconcreaciones-jean:
Applejack by Shi-m by :iconshi-m:
Hey there, Sugar! by Bananatee17 by :iconbananatee17:

-Thanks you very much also to :iconkasiapol: for the beautiful card that she sent to me. :love:

-A wonderful and thoughtful dedication in a journal  Happy Birthday Applejack-1982!Today's a special day. Today is the birthday of one of my best DeviantArt friends ever — Laura :iconApplejack-1982:!!! Birthday cake icon Omg I gets present Happy Birthday Sailor-Pikmin! Happy Birthday Godliek :D Happy Birthday Xak Me and My Birthday Cake Happy Birthday (2) Happy Birthday (1) Pinkie Pie Party Canon icon
First, I like to say, I'm so sorry I don't have a present for you, at least a birthday picture. :( (Sad) I didn't have the time, nor could I create a vector of your ponysona, since yours is a G1 My Little Pony one. The best I could do is offer you is this journal to explain my thanks, my appreciation, my love, and my friendship for you.&
 by my dear friend :iconandoanimalia: :aww:

-Also I want to thanks at :iconmt-photografien: for the Cake Portion you gave here on DA. La la la la  And to :iconasdavrak: for the points. Hug 

L Alphabets (Words) O Alphabets (Words) V (Alphabets) E (Alphabets)  Y (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) U (Alphabets)  A (Alphabets) L Alphabets (Words) L Alphabets (Words) 

la in love la in love la in love  :love: :love: :love:  Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon  Pink love III Pink love III Pink love III  La love La love La love 


Things that I wanted to comment as well aside of this, is that well, I really noticed many absence this year. Almost all people where my friends, but if no, I'll tell you. :O Cos well, from "strangers" I didn't receive congratulations practically, in difference of the last year which I received a mass of comments from strangers (people who I never knew before). :XD: So well, I know it's because "there's people whom now doesn't love me or something", I know it's for the absence. Also I noticed it with the birthdays from other friends of mine around. :XD: I really can see the absence with this fact. :P But no only with it, also with comments in general in everyone's derivations and activity! :O I remember in 2014 and 2015 it wasn't like that. :meow:
Nothing special, I just wanted to point out this fact. :P For curiosity and comment about that. :lol:
Of my side I don't mind, cos well, honestly the wishes whom I really care are the ones from my friends and acquaintances, the other ones, you know, I appreciate them as well, but it's not the same, you know. ;) I guess that everyone does that, not only me, so it's natural people. :nod: I prefer less comments and congratulations and those ones to be from my beloved people than a massive quantity of comments from people who I don't know, that's for sure. :nod: Know I'm proud how all went and deeply content, as I said many times, I don't need more. :aww: :heart:
Also well, let's compare now this year with my previous one  Giving thanks after my birthday!Now that passed my birthday, I wanted to thanks in this journal to all people whom congratulate me yesterday and/or mande me some detail like give some points or some gift, all of this meant to me! :thanks: :heart: I know that still today some people in real life or where in DA are still congratulating me or giving some gift or detail, but no worries, I still accept it as well without difference! ;) :hug:
My birthday was awesome yesterday and I had a lot of joy and fun, wow, so many emotions in general! :XD:
Maybe my conditions weren't the best, because I still have the problems which I explained the journal before the one of my birthday, but well, made me feel very content and exited could be able to do all that I propose in my birthday (eat cake, stay here, go on Barcelona to shopping, new photo of myself, can eat some Polish sweets) and enjoy all of this a lot! :lol:
Was a very moved day and I did a lot of activity! :D And honestly yesterday I get very motivated, thing that is impor

Also today I'm very content and happy, but I feel dizzy as well, and that's very weird. :hmm: It's hard to stand when I feel like that. I need a rest now, I wish I could do "my stuff" now, but I just can't in this moment. :P I dunno the origina of that, I have no idea. :O I have the period, yes, that affects me a lot always, but I know that there's a reason more aside from it. :P
Anyway, no worries, I'm alright despite it, happy for how all is going in general. I just wanted to say it as a kind of apologise in fact I don't reply some stuff now after this or the delays today again, that's my point and the reason of why I said it. ;) :hug:

So well, that's all. :aww: I hope you all are having a good day today, and thanks you very much for share a time to check it and read it. :heart:
Hi there my dear friends and watchers! :aww:

How's your day? Well, I guess that for most of you a day like any other, but I hope you're having a nice one anyways. :aww:
Today for me is not a current day - it's a special day. It's my birthday! :heart: A day since early childhood tended to bring me full of illusion and happiness. I have many good memories and amazing experiences from most of them, and well, I'm so happy that my birthdays are currently like that and epic ones as the ones I used to have in my childhood. :aww:
I love birthdays, and well, for me today is my favourite day of the year since I feel it's my day. I love when all of my beloved one gets altogether and close to me for send me some wishes and give me nice details. :heart: It's something full of thought that just fills my heart and touches it till the bottom from it. And then all parties, the celebration along with my best friend on real life and fabulous cousin, the cake, all attention... definitely makes me feel special and those facts marks me and makes me love my birthday deeply. :heart:

Birthday cake  icon  :happy birthday:  birthday cake  Fella Birthday Dance 2015 NaNoEmo - #21 Birthday Dance  Me and My Birthday Cake  Birthday Cake  Happy DeviantART Birthday Happy Birthday Grin  Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D  KimRaiFan's Bday Cake  Cake Icon  Cake emoji  Happy B-day  Party Party Party  

1 ( Numbers ) 7 ( Numbers )        Y (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) S (Alphabets)       O Alphabets (Words) L Alphabets (Words) D (Alphabets) 

H (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)        B (Alphabets) I (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) H (Alphabets) D (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)        T (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words)         M Alphabets (Words) E (Alphabets)   

All is going amazing so far and I'm so touched that a lot of people remembered my birthday as here on DA as on "real life" and all gifts I've received (I have to comment them and favourite still, I saw them but I was with my phone and on Barcelona the whole afternoon and evening and didn't went well to me to reply since I was taking my walk there and enjoying it and are many gifts). You don't know enough, that makes me deeply glad and happy. Happy cry (Tears of joy)  :tighthug: :thanks: :heart:

And well, I had many plans for it and all went pretty well and I could accomplish with them! :dummy: After have lunch, I went to Barcelona with my mother for go outside a bit. We went in a part of Barcelona that hardly ever go and I can say I wasn't in said part since long ago. I knew about this place but see it for real was very cool. :D I liked the walks we took and all views and colours that there were in the environment due the sunset time, was beautiful and very good for make good and interesting kind of photos. :aww: 
While we were walking at the beach was feeling the night slowly and all colour there with teh waves of the sea was just really beautiful and the clam water with all colours. :heart: Then was nice to see the walk bright with all lights turned on, was so beautiful. :heart:
Then we went to the center of Barcelona throught bus and was very cool. I bought some stuff as gifts and then already was pretty late and we were tired, to we turned at home, I guess it was enough already after such a walk. :meow:
Once I we were at home my mother gave me the cake that sahe prepared yestrday expressly for today in my birthday, and well, I blowed the cnadles there and with all ballons and then the said sticked at the wall saying "felicidades" (which is a kind of congratulation that one says in Spanish when it's someones birthday), was all really cool and have me a good birthday enviorment which I liked a lot! :la:
I ate the cake and was delicious, and then as a kind of dessrt from this little celebration withsweet food at home, I ate some chocolate and mini-cupcakes I made this noon, were yummy as well. :meow:

When this was over, I went directly here on DA with my computed in my bedrooom and well, now with it I can pay more attention to all of you guys and well, reply all stuff you've send to me. :aww: I'm so touched and glad by it. And well, there's many stuff. In case I can't reply all and maybe don't reply some ofd you, no worries I'll do it tomorrow. ;) Either I'm sleeping or there's too many and I leave it for tomorrow, I guess it's fine, alright? ;) Thanks for your patience as well. :heart:

Thanks you very much for you all helped me to make this birthday an really amazing and unforgettable one. :thanks: :tighthug:
I'm not gonna to forget it never! :nod: 

And well, it's not over yet, let's party a bit if you want! Who wants to celebrate with me? Come on, let's dance people! PARTY HARD PARTY HARD PARTY HARD  Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance Revamp Victory Dance Revamp  182 : Dance Together Emoticon 182 : Dance Together Emoticon 182 : Dance Together Emoticon 
All Memes stolen from :iconherikayela:. :giggle:
I just saw her doing those Memes, and well, motivated me to do them as well, they looked interesting and amusing to fill, so well, here it is. :D
My last Meme and last thing I'll do in this 16 years old, next time I'll be 17 already. :XD:
It's great to read it in case you're interested to know me better. ;)
Also if you want to do all of them or any of these, feel free to take them and do it. ;)

MEME #1 - 8 Facts from... My OC Vivid Voice

From all characters, I just felt for describe my MLP OC Vivid Voice. :aww:

MLP OC - Vivid Voice by Applejack-1982 Vivid Voice by Applejack-1982


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters. 
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


1- She's a spiritual pony and that's her main trait. ;) 

2- Her spiritual trait is based in a part of myself and way to, in my spiritual side (yes, I'm highly spiritual person, it's one of the most remarkable traits from me, and what a pity that almost no one knows about it, if you don't know that, it's like you don't know me :stare: I should draw more Vivid Voice then :XD:). From all ways to be I just putted my my spiritual way to be in her, so she technically represents my spiritual being. ;) Also that makes a trait in common to me (since originally what I made is put that trait in her), that's the reason of that draw as well:  Sharing our common power by Applejack-1982 :lol: But no worries people that the only thing that she is equal to me is in the spiritual way to be, the rest of traits are different and independent from me. ;P

3- Her favourite colour is yellow. Also I tend to represent her by that colour and why her bow is of said colour. Also her hair is blue due represents the water and the fact that is straight is like a flow of it, so represents the flow of water, as a pony who follows the flow of life itself and its natural circle. :nod: Her colour skin is dark purple due represents mystery, unknown and also combines well when she shines because it's like a kind of light she hides inside (if doesn't shine, obviously, looks dark) when she's "turned off". :meow: And for the last, her Cutie Mark represents this kind of light also, the flower is herself, the leave represents the nature and the auras her powers, that's it. ;) She's of simple scheme also due I wanted to make her look as a G1 pony only as my OC, and those ponies tend to have simple schemes, also I like simple ones many times. :giggle:

4- She tend to wear a crown of flowers many times. But technically is not an official adornment that she wears, so many times you can see her without it as well. ;P

5- She's a very wise pony, calm and silent one. Likes nature, feel it, and stay surrounded by it. ;) She's not a pony who likes stay surrounded by many people/ponies unless they are clam and silent as her. This doesn't mean she isn't social, technically she is and tend to like at people/ponies and she tend to get along with who contacts. :aww: She's very kind, helpful and generous, also short-tempered. Only well, whens someone upsets her or disrespect her, she can defend herself very well and don't let to anybody cheat her and take advantage of her. She's wisely strong also. :nod:

6- She's faster at running. Also she's a kind of pony who swims as well, not at the sea, but yes in lakes. ;)

7- She have skills for communicate with plants and animals through her energetic contacts, it's a kind of power thanks at her spiritual skills. :aww:

8- Also another kind of power she was is an kind of aura that appears around her making her glow and shine in the dark. No always is in that state. Normally only is when she gets connected with her inner voice and with God within. That power can transmit good vibes to others, but more than give effects to others, gives effects to herself of wellness and inner peace and joy and with that she's connected with the environment, with it she can feels what happens to her surrounding and to the environment and can feel it even if she doesn't see it. ;)

MEME #2 - OC Questionnaire

1) Choose one of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three people.
4) feel free to add some questions of your own.

Character: White Pearl 
I just picked her since sure that many PoM fans will be interested in know her better (specially to my dear DA sisters :iconhibejime: and :iconkasiapol:). ;)

OC Whitepearl by Applejack-1982 DA sisters trio by Applejack-1982 My penguin OC's by Applejack-1982

1) What gender are you? Female
2) What is your age? 22 at human age. ;)
3) Do you want a hug? Well... why no? :meow:
4) Do you have any bad habits? I don't have bad habits myself, but yes I have ones towards Pisigüila, like leave her lick me at all or sleep over me while sleeping. :XD:
5) What is your favorite food? Sushi. :la:
6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint maybe. :aww:
7) Are you a virgin? Yes. ^^;
8) Have you killed anyone? Ehhhhhh.... I never would do such an horrible thing. ^^;
9) Do you hate anyone? I don't like to hate anyone if never made something bad to me. ^^;
10) Do you have any secrets? I don't have many secrets with my close friends, but some sure I do of have, like everyone. ;)
11) What is your favorite season? I really liker winter. :aww:
12) Who are your best friends? My sisters Sheila (:iconhibejime:) and Moja (:iconkasiapol:), and my pet and house-mate Pisigüila. :D
13) What are your hobbies? Nothing special, fishing, swim and pass the time outside with Pisigüila playing games and taking walks. :D
14) What is your favorite drink? Hot chocolate. :D
15) When is your birthday? February 28. ;)
16) What age did you die? I didn't die yet. :O
17) Are you nice or mean? Nice but with limits. :nod:
18) What do you think of your creator? I think she's a nice person. :) Sadly I'm not so much in contact with her - she's too far away from me. :hmm:
19) What is your weakness? The heat and the direct strong sun rays to me. :faint:
20) How long can you stay under water? Too many time, I'm a penguins and that were I fish. ;)
21) What do you do on a regular day basis? Hang out and pass a time with my sisters and take a walk with Pisigüila, also read a bit everyday since I love books and read very much. :)
22) Do you love someone? Of course! I love all of my friends, specially sat my sisters and pet. :aww:
23) Does that person love you back? Of course! :D
24) Do you like me? Well, I don't dislike you. O.o
25) What do you consider fun in the day time? When Pisigüila plays and make what a cat tends to do, she's very hilarious and I tend to giggle many times for what she does. :giggle:
26) At night? Sometimes hang out with my sisters, but most of the times sleep with Pisigüila over me. :XD:
27) Do you like meatballs? No, I don't eat meat. I eat fish and I like fishballs. :nod:
28) Do you like Chef Boyardee's meatballs? I said I don't east meatballs. ^^;
29) Are you gay? I don't have a couple, so that means no. :XD:
30) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your lover for 2 days straight. What do you do if you start to starve? Lick the wall maybe. ^^; That's a very strange situation. :XD:
31) Wow, really? Yes... ^^; What an extremes. ^^;
32) What is your place of origin? An glacial section from an Aquarium in Spain. :P
33) Large or small family? I don't have a big family, so small. :)
34) Who are your parents? I don't know them. ^^;
35) Do you have a phobia? Of the fire and the heat, since I'm vcery sensible at it. I tend to get dizzy always and that fraids me when has to happen. :fear:
36) Piercing/tattoos? No. I'm not found into those things and I wouldn't ever have any. ^^;
37) Addicted to anything? Sometimes in read and water since I love stay there very much. OuO
37) Is this quiz over? Seems that no. :P
38) If you could say one thing to your creator right now, anything at all, what would it be? I wish I could have more draws from me. :meow: Long time since you don't draw! :stare:
39) Which of your parents do you look more like? I dunno, I never knew them, and if I did, I don't remember cos I was too little. ^^; Also I'm albino, I don't think that they were as well, so none of them. ^^;
40) Say you were locked in a room with the person you hated most for a full day. What would you do to pass the time? Stay overwhelmed and botehred all the time if above annoys me. -_-
41) What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you? Once when Pisigüila putted me in a tramp. :XD: Was embarrassing and funny. :XD: :giggle: :XD:
42) Are you tired of this quiz? Ugh, yes, most of the questions are very weird and I start to get tired of them. ^^;
43) If you were to choose who to tag, who would you choose? My sisters Sheila (:iconhibejime:) and Moja (:iconkasiapol:). :P

MEME #3 - I'm 54% famous

(x) You have more than 100 watchers 
(x) You get at least 5 comments per deviation
() Every day you get a new watcher 
(/) You get plenty of faves
TOTAL: 2.5

(/) You've got huge dA family
() You are known as "famous"
(/) Everyone knows about your OC (Some of my friends :meow:)
(X) You have some famous friends (Yes, and that's amazing, even one of my friends is someone who I used to admire here on DA before join here :la:)
TOTAL: 4.5

(/) Everyone includes your OC to their pictures most of the time (some people does, but not everyone, obivously :XD:)
(X) Some famous people watch you
(/) You're part of zillion dA families
(X) On every journal you get at least 5 comments (Most of the times :D)
TOTAL: 7.5

() You get requested zillions of commissions and you open requests you get all ordered in 5 minutes
() When you're searching mane 6 people fight to be a part of it
(/) When your PM* (CM) expires you get new one in less than 2 months (I used to do most of the times, that's why you always seen me with the PC before for many long time, once expired, someone gave me it again :XD:)

() You're idol of at least 10 people (I'm idol of no one, at least for what I can know :/)
(/) People think your works are magnificent (Are good yes, but magnificent no :P)
(X) People give you gifts (Yes :la:)
() You know well how to do stuff with several programs (I'm a traditional artists :P)
TOTAL: 9.5

(X) You get at least 50 pageviews every day
(X) You've got more than 5000 page views 
(X) You've got more than 1000 comments
() People watch you when they get on your page first time
(X) You have more than 50 points
TOTAL: 13.5

Now multiply your score with 4 and post I'm ----% famous

MEME #4 - Animals Meme (Imma wolfie dog :3 XD)

[] Physically, you are very flexible.
[X] You like to have power or take control in most situations. (Yash :dummy:)
[/] You are a smooth talker.
[] You lie a lot.
[] You can stretch your mouth very wide. (Actually my mouth is small. XD)
[] You intimidate most people
[] Most people don't like you.
[/] Your favourite colour is green. (One of my favourites, but no my most favourite ;))
[] You don't have very many friends. 
[] You have more enemies than friends.
[/] You are cunning.
[/] You like to be alone. (For a whiles, I like to have my personal space sometimes at day :P)
Total: 3

[X] You like to feel as free as possible.
[X] Most people really like you.
[X] You are talkative. 
[X] You feed the ducks when you go to the park. 
[X] You have been on an airplane before.
[X] You would like to fly someday, airplane or not.
[X] Your favourite colour is blue. (Yes! I am a dummy!)
[X] People say that you have a great sense of direction in life.
[X] You have a lot of friends.
[X] You have picked up a bird's feather and kept it for a long time. (I collect them :D)
[/] You like to be part of the crowd. (Depends of which crowd :O_o:)
[X] Your vision is 20x20 or better. (I have a really good vision, I can say so :aww:)
Total: 11.5

[X] You are very independent. (Bufffff! That's me! :stare:)
[] You like to go out on adventures.
[/] You're a cuddle-bug. (With who I know and I'm close yes)
[/] You aren't afraid of mice.
[X] You have a pet cat. (Mity X333)
[] You have a pet fish.
[] You have cheated death 1 or more times.
[] You have been in a car accident. (Nor fortunately so far)
[X] Some people say that you're graceful.
[X] You are very quiet.
[] You don't like the rain.
[/] Your favourite colour is purple. (Not my favourite but I yes I really like it :meow:)
Total: 5.5


[X] You are very loyal. (That's it :nod:)
[/] You are a very social person. (Depends with who I am and talk ;))
[X] You have many friends.
[X] You would die for someone you love.
[/] You love to play sports. 
[] You have a pet dog.
[/] Your favourite colour is yellow.
[x] You find joy in helping others. (I always do :aww:)
[] Your favourite food is meat. (I'm vegetarian)
[] You have guided/helped someone on an outing before and did not mind.
[X] You would protect your friends and family no matter what.
[] You may drool from time to time.
Total: 6.5


[] You are a very physically-fit person.
[] You like to go out on runs/jogs. 
[X] You are a vegetarian.
[/] Strength is your best quality.
[/] People can depend on you for things.
[/] Your favourite colour is red.
[] You like sports cars. 
[] You think that a lowered suspension and better handling is the way to go.
[] Your job requires you to lift 50 lbs or more.
[] Someone has asked you before, "Why the long face?"
[/] You like sweets. (Depends which sweets)
[/] Apples are your preferred fruit. (Between the ones I like the most :aww:)
Total: 3.5


[X] You live with your family. (I'm still 16 years old and tomorrow I'm gonna to turn 17 :P)
[X] You get along with your family. (Almost all relatives I do, the only who I have some problems is with my sister and sometimes but rarely time with my mum or dad :XD:)
[X] You like to teach others. (As long as I can, yes :aww:)
[X] You have baby-sat before.
[] Your favourite colour is grey.
[X] People consider you to be a leader.
[X] You would protect family and friends if threatened. 
[X] You like to sing.
[] The nightlife is for you.
[] You like to go to raves or dances.
[X] Being social is a big part of your personality.
[] You look up to someone and want to be like them someday. (I want to improve, really and be big and valuable, only at my own way without get based into somebody :nod:)
Total: 8

[/] You are popular.
[/] People look up to you.
[X] You hold a powerful presence. (When I was at school at class the seemed. I always wondered why? :O_o:)
[X] You have been in a fight before. (Only case with my sister, she upsets me a lot sometimes and I can't control it -_-)
[/] Your favourite colour is gold. 
[X] Someone has looked up to you before
[] You sleep more than 12 hours a day. 
[/] You are a morning person.
[X] You think you have the best hair. (Many people loves my hair O.o)
[] You look intimidating to others.
[/] People don't bully you. (I was bullied in a time in the past, but now not anymore :meow:)
[/] You love the rain. (I like it and I know it's necessary, but I wouldn't say I love it neither :XD:)
Total: 8


[] People think that you are very intimidating. 
[] You are not afraid of bees.
[] Your favourite colour is brown.
[/] You like to go out for hikes in the forest/nature trails.
[X] You have brothers/sisters. (An annoying sister :XD:)
[] You like to go fishing.
[X] You like to swim.
[] You like to go hunting. 
[X] You adapt really well to extreme situations. 
[X]You are very strong.
[X] You don't like a big crowd.
[X] You are fearless of others. (Most of the times, but there's exceptions anyway :XD:)
Total: 6.5

[/] You like to eat.
[/] Your favourite colour is pink. 
[X] You are very intelligent, or so you've been told. (I don't want to flaunt with it, but I surprised many people by that on real life, also for my wisdom :P)
[X] You are smarter than a dog.
[] You are not a picky eater.
[X] You have sensitive skin. (All allergies I got in my skin with many facility, I'll tell you... ^^;)
[] You like mud baths/facials.
[] You like to be pampered.
[] You depend on others a lot.
[] You aren't the most active person.
[x] You love chocolate.
[] You're easily angered.
Total: 5

[X]You are tall. (One of my most notable physical traits :dummy:)
[/] You eat a lot.
[X] You have a great memory.
[X] Your favourite colour is silver.
[] You wear glasses/contacts.
[X] You like to travel.
[X] You love to swim.
[X] People don't bully you. 
[/] You carry something special with you everywhere you go. (Sometimes :P)
[X] You are a vegetarian.
[X] You would rather avoid a fight. (As long as have nothing to do with me, yes)
[] You have big ears.
Total: 9

[X] You like to make jokes.
[] You would like to become a comedian some day.
[] You have pranked someone before. 
[X] You have a lot of friends. 
[/] Your favourite colour is orange.
[X] You believe in true love. (Of course :aww: :heart:)
[] You love someone/have a crush on someone. (I used to do)
[X] People say you're sexy. 
[] You would like to have children someday.
[X] You like to help your friends and family.
[X] You live in the suburbs.
Total: 6.5

Snake: 3
Bird: 11.5
Cat: 5.5
Dog: 6.5
Horse: 3.5
Wolf: 8
Lion: 8
Bear: 6.5
Pig: 5
Elephant: 9
Fox: 6.5

Definitely I'm a bird in this Meme. :giggle: I'm a free Lady. :dummy:

MEME #5 - Questions

Stolen from DrawingsAreForever29 

  1. Where were you 3 hours ago? Here as now, in my bedroom. :XD:
  2. Who are you in love with? I dunno, seems that no one actually. :P
  3. Have you ever eaten a crayon? I Nope. :XD: 
  4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? What you want to say with it? :O_o:
  5. When is the last time you went to the mall? Long time ago, I really don't remember. :shrug: Anyway, I'm gonna to go there soon. :giggle:
  6. Are you wearing socks right now? Yes since I wear shoes. :P
  7. Does your family have a car worth over $2,000? Yes. :P
  8. When was the last time you drove out of town? No many long ago, for visit my family on Calella de Mar, as usual, since all close relatives from my mother's side live there. :D
  9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? No. :P
  10. Are you hot? Seems that yes. But I want others to say it at me no me to say it, cos I don't know. ^^;
  11. What was the last thing you had to drink? Water. :nod: 
  12. What are you wearing right now? Jeans with a brown shirt with flowers and boots. :meow:
  13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? It's somethings that my mother does, not I. :nod:
  14. Last food that you ate? Soap and a delicious dessert prepared by my mother. Which are made from condiments left from my Birthday cake tomorrow. OuO
  15. Where were you last week at this time? Nothing special, at home. :P
  16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? Today we went on Barcelona to buy some me and my mother. :D I like the clothes I could chose and buy there. :heart:
  17. When is the last time you ran? I don't remember. :XD:
  18. What's the last sporting event you watched? I don't watch those things, I'm sorry. :XD:
  19. What is your favorite animal? Mainly horses and ponies. :nod: Then I also like very much dolphins, cats, cogs, penguins, ducks and swans. :love:
  20. Your dream vacation? I dunno. :XD: Maybe Netherlands, since looks like that. :lol:
  21. Last person's house you were in? At my grandparent's house. :giggle:
  22. Worst injury you've ever had? I broke my arm when I was 5 and then again when I was 6 years old (yes, for 2 continuous years, what a thing :XD:)
  23. Have you been in love? Too many times. :XD: I'm a person who feels in love often and is almost always like that. :stare:
  24. Do you miss anyone right now? Some of my friends, my cousin and no one more now. :P
  25. Last play you saw? Dunno. 
  26. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? I don't know, and I never had intentions to do it. :P
  27. What are your plans for tonight? Start to celebrate my birthday! :dummy:
  28. Who is the last person you sent a MySpace message or comment? I don't know neither have MySpace. :P
  29. Next trip you are going to take? No idea.
  30. Ever go to camp? No, and I wouldn't like to do. :P
  31. Were you an honor roll student in school? No. :XD:
  32. What do you want to know about the future? Nothing, I just life the present without needs to think neither know about the future. :meow:
  33. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne? No, almost never I do and hardly time. :P
  34. Are you due sometime this year for a doctor's visit? Yes. I did of have one today for example. :XD:
  35. Where is your best friend? In another country out of Spain. :lol:
  36. How is your best friend? I have too many best friends. :P
  37. Do you have a tan? No. :XD:
  38. What are you listening to right now? Nothing. :P
  39. Do you collect anything? Many things, like fan-fans, some toylines like MLP G1 and many things more. :meow:
  40. Who is the biggest gossiper you know? I dunno. :P
  41. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over? I dunno. :XD:
  42. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw? Nope. :XD:
  43. What does your last text message say? It's just an emote my last message. :lol:
  44. Do you like hot sauce? I don't tend to like very much very hot things. ^^;
  45. Last time you took a shower? Today at this noon. :P
  46. Do you need to do laundry? No, it's something that my mother does. :P
  47. What is your heritage? Catalan, Spanish and German. :meow:
  48. Are you someone's best friend? Yes. :heart:
  49. Are you rich? No. :P
  50. What were you doing at 12AM last night? Here around stirring stuff in my bedroom. :XD:

MEME #6 - New Year Meme

Taken from Wolfgirlthe1st 

  1. did your art get better or worse this year? I didn't draw so much this yes, but for the few I did, better. ;)
  2. did you draw something you are really proud? Yes, fortunately, even if at the moment I don't tend to be, that happens later. ;P
  3. did you make any new friends? Yes. :D
  4. did you buy a new character you love? No. :P
  5. did you confess to anyone? Confess what? I have nothing to confess now. :XD:
  6. did your relationship with your parents change? In some aspects yes, in some no. Since depression tried to change and they did, but at heart they are still the same. :XD:
  7. did you go anywhere new? Barcelona centre city. :XD:
  8. did you keep your new years' resolution? For now some of them yes and got accomplished and look that passed very few days, I didn't expect so. X333
  9. will you make a new years' resolution this year? Yes, I have many of them and sure I'll have many resolutions for next year as well. :D
  10. has your taste in music changed? No honestly. I found many more music I like and expanded the interests, but I wouldn't say it changed. :XD:
  11. what's one lesson you learned this year? About love a lot. Also I discovered about my self a lot of thigns I didn't noticed neither realized before, was all a mystery and an amazing adventure into myself.
  12. how far from home have you travelled this year? To London on UK, first time ever I went that dar away and the time I stayed longer out of Catalonia/Spain. :dummy:
  13. do you feel you've come closer to your goals? For now seems that yes and I'm bufffff... really happy by that! :aww:
  14. has your self-esteem grown? Yes and very much. :aww:
  15. what is your best moment of 2016? I've discovered a lot from myself. :heart:
  16. what is a moment you want to forget? Most of the things since most of them were awful. :XD: 
  17. do you feel much older this year? Nope. But yes a bit cos I'm gonna to turn 17 in a hour. :XD: 
  18. what's your new year wish? Secret. :P 
  19. what did you do for your birthday? In a hour is. And I want to go to Barcelona, and then celebrate my birthday with a cake blowing the candles and stay here finishing to celebrate it with my friends here. :aww: :heart:
  20. how did you dress for halloween? I was a witch (and Mity my cat). :dummy: 
  21. what colour do you think of when you think over this year? Red, due the painful year and all bloody things. ^^; 
  22. who has been your closest companion this year? I dunno. :XD:
  23. how many animals have you pet this year? The same Mity since 2012. :lol:
  24. sum up the year in four words? Love, pain, concerns, mystery
  25. what has been your most used emoji?  Maybe :XD:
  26. what did you eat a lot of?  Chocolate (Nah, just kidding) :lol: 
  27. what did you drink a lot of?Water (which is the only thing I tend to drink normally). :shrug:
  28. did you find a new aesthetic? Nope. :P
  29. have you changed your username? No and I don't want to do, I really love my current once already. :D
  30. has someone changed your opinion on something? In many things. :meow:
  31. did you like the music in the charts this year? I don't listen it. :XD:
  32. do you think this year was better or worse than last year? Worst for how I passed it, but also better due my progress. Despiste was an awful year 2016, I don't regret it passed.
  33. do you think next year will be better or worse than this year? Much more better and with difference. :stare: And for now it seems to be like that. :XD:
  34. what are you most excited for next year? I was really exited for 2017's starts. :D
  35. when's the latest you've stayed up? I dunno. :P

MEME #7 - Things about me

1) Name: Laura 
2) Nickname: I don't have nickname. But yes I've been called Lauri, Applejack or AJ many times. :XD:
3) Age: 16 and in a hour I'll turn 17. :P
4) Birthday: IN A HOUR!!! January 18! :Portal: :Portal: :Portal: 
5) Health Freak: I've been having many problems around those lasts 2 years and half. :XD: Now I'm better and recovered thanks at God! :dummy: 
6) Favourite colour: Blue. :love:
7) Gender: Female. :meow: 
8) Elementary school: I finished it long ago. When I was 12. :P 
9) Middle school: ???
10) High school: Were I am now. :P
11) College: No one for now. :P
12) Tall or short: Very tall. Sunglasses are good
13) Sweats or jeans: Jeans and is what I'm wearing right now. :XD:
14) Girly girl or tomboy: Tomboy. :XD:
15) Phone or camera: Phone is what I use the most for now since I have it more at hand. :XD:
16) Taken or Single: Single. :D
17) Talent: I have good skills in draw and also in psychology for example. :aww: 
18) Swag or emo: I don't understand this. :XD:
19) Gamer:  Not really. :P
20) Best friends: My people here on DA. :heart:
21) Biggest fears: Hurt to someone, be left by someone who I love, can't reach my goals, can't overcome my health issues at all and love's pain.
22) Hardest thing you had to do: Overcome health and love issues so far. :P
23) Have/had depression? Yes, I used to do at the age of 14 and 15. But I beat my depression at the age of 15. :nod:
24) Got piercings: No and I don't want ever. :P
25) Got tattoos: Same as with piercings. :P
26) Long/medium/short hair: Medium now. :XD: Even if I used to wear it long almost always and it's how I used to represent and characterise myself, now it's medium. :XD:
27) Favorite food: I don't have, I like many things. :lol: But I'm a crazy chocolate and cheese lover I can say, fro example. :lol:
28) Ever been on an airplane: Yes, and last time was in last September for travel to London, you know. ;P And then for come back to Barcelona. :XD:
29) Pants or dress/skirt:  Pants and is what I wear almost always (hardly ever I wear skirt). :XD:
30) Height: 1.83m (or 6" 0' in feet mesure) :lol:
31) Weight: 80 Kg
32) Married: No. :XD:
33) Have kids: No. :XD:
34) Worst day of your life: I had many of them and I don't have a fix one. :XD:
35) Hair color: Dark brown. :D
36) Skin color: Light tan, more or less the typical Spanish colour skin. :lol:
37) Eye color: Green with a brown flower symbol in it. :D
38) Race: I'm human, I'm white and I'm a Catalan/Spanish. :meow:
39) Glasses or no glasses: Nope. :meow:
40) Orange or apple: Apple. :la:

Bufffffffffff.... finally it's over. :XD: Was funny but now I got tired, it's only half hour for January 18th, yay! Happy Birthday to me! :la: :la: :la:

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